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See the pros and cons of the top 10 PLR Article Suppliers and Memberships. 

To be honest, the elite of PLR suppliers are hard to join because they have fewer openings and are often by invitation only to those already on their list. 

But these are still very good memberships that still have openings for members. 5 Critera are used to rate the top Private Label Articles sites

  • Original- written in good English from valid research, relevant & current
  • Written from keyword research to provide LSI, silo, SEO optimized articles
  • Not shared by more than 500 others
  • Includes pro graphics or tools, keywords, affiliate suggestions.
Begin your search below with ratings using these words: Relevant, Optimized, Limited, and Graphics

Top 10 Ways to Use These PLR Articles

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Overall Rating:

Relevant: 4
Optimized: 5
*Limited: 5
**Pics-Tools: 5

* The site has now perfected a way to provide you with new content written by them customized and unique for only you.

** They now don't have graphics making them more affordable, but they do supply keyword research and affiliate suggestions


As far as fresh content for blogs and sites, PLRPro Still Ranks 1st place. That is, if your goal is building a "virtual real estate" empire of authority sites on various topics. Daniel Turner and Marc Lindsay have now perfected PLR articles after many years experience finding out what customers want. You can't beat the amount of quality articles and time-saving tools you get for the low price (250 articles at just $47/month). It now includes what they call their new "quantam PLR technology". Whether this is for you depends how you use PLR articles. If you only have sites on a couple niches, this site is totally overkill, but if you are in constant need of fresh unique content that has gone through a rigorous 12-point quality control, then this is a must-try. No garbage or poorly-written content allowed! They used to include automation software and article marketin tools for package cost of over $100, but by customer demand, PLRPro3.0 is now just quality articles. (They've moved those tools as special inclusion in their new ConsumerWealthSystem package) Limited membership and sharing.


  • Monthly 250 SEO-ready articles in 25 niches unique to you
  • Articles are exclusive for you and now go through new rigorous 12-point check.
  • Training is tops, +weekly live video/audio training - ask your questions live. Big discount to what is usually a $47 membership that gets you ranked fast in search engines by submitting your articles to 10,000 quality blogs that link to you.
  • Free video on "Untold PLR Secret - Ultimate leverage" to check it out


  • The new PLRPro 3.0 has removed all the previous cons I had written! They've now perfected the supply of private label articles unique to you directly from them.
  • Only con would be that it's too much if you don't need lots of quality content!

PLRPro Articles

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Overall Rating: 4

Relevant: plr
Optimized: 5
Limited: 3
Pics-Tools: 4

* Doesn't say how many members is the cap


This powerful monthly membership by Matt Callen affordably provides the content you need for both search engine optimization and article marketing. For only $47 a month, you get professionally written original keyword optimized articles, and then those articles respun to form many variations to use in different contexts. You then can have the articles automatically (even timed) posted to your blogs right from the site (and not just their articles). It's brilliant, really. Some time-saving features for article marketers & VRE blogs.


  • 225 original pro-written optimized private label articles + 225 spin-ready
  • Proprietary software to spin articles, and autosubmit them to blogs
  • Niche articles will make you look like an expert


  • Main minus is that there are no graphics.
  • Not for the occasional article user - but excellent for those wanting to utilize articles of all themes for article marketing or for various niche VRE sites.

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Overall Rating: 4

Relevant: 5
Optimized: 5
* Limited: 4
Pics-Tools: 3

* Doesn't say how many members is the cap

Article Underground

Another powerful PLR content, SEO, and traffic solution in one membership. Several respected marketers are also members. This gets placed 3rd only because it's more financially out or reach for many at $97/month. Many just look at the price and not the actual value of what's provided. You also get your highly keyword-optimized articles submitted to high-rank sites that link back to you. Just that is worth half the membership and the rewards can pay off itself in no time.


  • 400 articles/month optimized for low-competition, high-converting keywords
  • Each original PLR article pack is limited to only 350 people.
  • Members' chance to hire & leverage their writers for your own requests
  • Good member's training


  • No graphics again, but some decent bonuses
  • Also various niches. Can be overkill and pricey for those using little

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Overall Rating: 4

Relevant: 5
Limited: 5
Pics-Tools: 4


See their sister sight that offers complete PLR niche affiliate stores on themes of your choice.

Niche Content Packages (NCP)

Besides the fact that Niche Content Packages provides original PLR niche articles shared by only 250 others, the graphics you get are stunning. I don't know about you, but I want to get articles up and traffic to my site. I also want people to stay on my site. Pictures help with this, and I don't have much time to look for graphics to use for all my articles (that won't get me in trouble for copyright violations). NCP solves this issue with full rights to use the professional graphics that go along with your order. You are free to buy enough credits for one package, or buy monthly credits at reduced price to choose a niche package every month, or just let them accumulate and get a great one later. (hint - wait for special credit offers- sign up and join free until you're ready to purchase points/credits). Cost varies from 32-40 credits but usually includes 20 PLR articles plus 2- 3 headers and 2-3 covers. (common cost of credits is 50 for $75, but depends on how many you purchase at once/monthly).


  • Stunning graphics (jpg & psd) with quality article packs restricted to 250
  • Membership doesn't restrict you to THEIR choice of topics, but YOURS.
  • You have the option of using credits to have their pros write a special article for YOU with your chosen keywords.
  • You also have the option of buying UNIQUE articles sold to only 1 person.


  • May be well researched & keyword optimized, but doesn't say.
  • The graphics may be worth it, but the price reduces article quanity to 20.
  • No tools or extras provided

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Overall Rating: 4

Relevant: 5
Optimized: 3
Limited: 3
Pics-Tools: 5



4 InfoGoRound

An incredible collection of private label reports, articles, ebooks, etc. You can even make cash by writing your own (original) article for others to use like PLR (with conditions) as you use others' as well . The reports come with graphics & mini sites. Tools are abundant to help you use the articles in various ways. For instance, make a search for articles on a topic, read the choose the ones you want to use, enter their numbers in their "newsletter" builder, and presto - you have a 4-6 part ecourse or newsletter to put in your responders.


  • $1000's worth of past private label content is accessible when you join.
  • You have the option of making money from your own articles or getting the PLR membership for free.
  • Some handy tools in the members area make some tasks easier.
  • You not only get articles, but PLR ebooks and reports as well - with graphics


  • No indication of how many members are sharing the PLR content.
  • No indication of effort put into optimizing the articles for keywords, etc.



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Overall Rating: 33.5

Relevant: 5
Optimized: 5
Limited: ?
* Pics-Tools: 2

* Given at least 2 because the redeeming feature of not having graphics is low cost



LSI Monthly

J.P. Schoeffel is a well-known experienced income earner through article sites and knows lots about search engine optimization. He's also provided quality PLR through the years, like his popular NichesInABox, and tools to use them. But I only recently discovered his amazing supply of LSI articles with private label rights. What is LSI you ask? Well his sight here explains it better than I can. Basically they are more readable to visitors and less chance of being considered "keyword spamming" by search engine algorithms that also love the "silo" structure. He warns that some PLR articles not properly titled & optimized can actually put your search engine rankings at risk.


  • Only $17 a month - (a real steal), and can try 52 articles for only $1
  • 52 unique, well researched optimized LSI articles - each at least 700 words
  • Flexible rights - personal use for almost anything


  • No money back guarantee, but not needed. $1 trial access for 7 days
  • No mention of any membership cap.
  • No graphics or extra tools - only reason why not rated 5. But this no-fluff keeps the price down and is a benefit to those who don't need extras - just great articles to save them lots of research time.



Other Worthy Quality PLR Article Sites:

These are article sites that are ranked high in a different category: Bundles where you can choose your topic/niche. They don't include graphics, so NicheContentPackages is the only one of that category that made this page. Here are the others that are of reputable quality, many of them written by the sellers themselves who are good writers:

AllPrivateLabelContent - various niche PLR article packages that disappear fast because they are inexpensive, researched/written well, and very limited to a buyer cap.

PLRProfitPacks - I haven't tested this one yet, but it looks promising. 10 articles of 300 words or more in hot niches, with primary & secondary keywords list, 5-part e-course written for you for your list-building needs, and affiliate recommendations for each niche.
29.95 per plr article pack, and a limit of 100 buyers each pack.

EasyPLR - Also written by a reputable quality writer on various topics: you choose.

ContentProviderPro - They may not have a fancy website, but articles are fine.

Click here for the most UNSELFISH membership containing a HUGE treasure vault of private label and resell rights products available. It even includes 3 other PLR memberships! You also get access to software you'd need to pay for elsewhere.

Best places to get FREE PLR articles and content.

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Some of these sites have a money-back guarantee for the first 30-60 days. PLRPro goes beyond a guarantee and offers to pay you $250 just for using their system for 3-6 months, and sending them a picture, testimonial, and your valid results. NCP and others make no mention of guarantees. Even if not mentioned, most owners would offer a refund if you tried them and sincerely need your money back. However, trial periods give ample opportunity to check out their members areas and articles. They do need to protect from fraud and too many illigitimate users of the limited-rights to protect the value of those who do have rights.


Every effort has been made to be accurate. These reviews are my opinion. I only review sites that either
1) I am currently a member of, or 2) I was a member of, or 3) I'd like to purchase from if I had the time or funds to do so.
I was not asked by any of these programs to review their sites nor offered money to do it.
Most of them do have my affiliate links and I am only given commission if someone purchases. This is how I compensate for my time & cost.


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