New Comparison Charts of Tablets, Readers, Smartphones, Game Consoles

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Reviews and Comparison Charts for Popular Products, with private label rights.

Here’s a new amazing time-saving resource (October 2011).  Who is it for?  Well, anyone who needs fresh, useful niche blog content.

  • Those who have monetized blogs about popular electronic products
  • Those who need quality charts on their Amazon or product sites
  • Those who want to build their list by offering reports
  • Those who have a list and want to make recommendations
This would take you hours to figure out yourself and put together.  It’s just in time to start promoting for the giving season and those searching for gift ideas.
(Checkout DIYplr’s other seasonal PLR for Halloween and Thanksgiving)
For those who act before October 20, you get the PLR digital entertainment comparison charts for half price, so it’s a bargain right now.
As for rights, you can use them on your OWN sites, make reports for end users, etc,, but you cannot pass on PLR rights to anyone.
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