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So where are the best places to find Free PLR content?

Look for samples of top professional providers.

This enables you to test the quality before you invest. Here are some examples:
1) PLRDealer provides 20 free articles every month, along with 2 graphic headers, and an Adsense VRE site.

2) PLRme is offering a great sampling of their PLR in the self-development niche. Articles, wallpapers, etc.

3) Mike Steup has been providing private label rights for awhile. Did you know you can check out the PLR articles with a daily dose of them HERE. You can even now join one of his MONTHLY PLR memberships for FREE private label ebooks (monthly) with website to start selling.

4) Free trial of “BestQualityPLR.  I’m a monthly member of this fine site, but you can get each product individually as well without paying for a subscription.

5). Join HERE for a taste of the many articles provided at InfoGoRound. In this membership, if you just write and submit your own article for others to use per month, you get hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of PLR for free every month! It’s like exchange your original content for free access to tons of others’ content!  Or, you don’t have to write anything and just pay a monthly membership.  It also includes free ability to make instant niche sites and newsletters from that content!  Worth if for the software alone.

6) Get on these guys at EasyPLR mailing list – they often send out short special free PLR article bundles.

7) Some various PLR article bundles for free to give you a taste of AllPrivateLabelContent

*-* Free Eco-Friendly Green PLR Content!
*-* Free travel PLR a- 5 articles… NICE!
*-* Free Finance Article Bundle
*-* Free Health PLR Article Bundle
*-* Free Craft Bundle
*-* Free Marketing PLR Bundle
*-* Free Mom Bundle

Here are other sources of Free PLR articles

$1 Trials – These aren’t Free, but not to be missed!
1) Click HERE for $7,000 worth of PLR for a $1 trial. Great training inside also.
2) Grab these quality search-engine optimized LSI PLR articles for 7 days for just $1

Free PLR or Rebrandable Software

1. Excellent private label software to rebrand and resell. You won’t believe it’s free.

2. SoftwareGoldClub offers free software. Helps you build your list.

This list will grow as new resources are discovered. Some resources and special deals are not open long enough to put on this blog (only to lead to expired links). (note: My subscribers only receive extra secret sources of free PLR samples like this: 3 Ebooks per month with Audio versions, teaser e-books, 20 articles per topic, website graphics, auto-responder series and sales letter.) So I’d suggest you get on my new “BestPLR Buzz” list and receive fresh updated sources of PLR (you also get an awesome ebook as a bonus).

To subscribe and receive the earliest alerts, go HERE.

Enjoy your free plr.
Download this free pdf and learn 20 ways to profit with PLR.

Free Green PLRClick for Free PLR Green content

Free Travel PLR

Free Craft PLR Bundle

For great sources of premium private label articles, see my review of PLR.

Average Ratings


The articles are personally requested and checked by the sellers and they sell fast because they are limited and are quality.  No graphics.  Articles are limited to set amount of people, and there are some packets and memberships that have full resell rights.

They have monthly PLR articles, and packages by theme or niche.