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ABOUT PLR and FAQ – What is PLR?  Why would I want it?

Welcome to BestPLR.netNews & Reviews of the Best Private Label Rights Content Online

I Researched, Bought, Used, and Evaluated PLR Content Sites. I’ve seen junk stuff I couldn’t use, and I’ve found good PLR that makes great articles for blogs, ebooks, videos, you-name it.

That’s what this site is about.  Bookmark it, and get my tweets @bestplr for updates and special limited-time offers on PLR.

Explore the categories and pages.  If you have been a member of any of the sites, please submit an appropriate review.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about PLR.

Know your rights!

Q:  What is PLR?

A:  It stands for “Private Label Rights“.  Grocery stores and other retail chains use private label products all the time.  One company cans corn, but when it comes to packaging, various store brands add their own packaging and “label” to the products.  They didn’t make the corn, but they have the right to add the label to it and sell it as their own.   This site isn’t about physical plr products, but encourages a business model that doesn’t have to deal with storage or big overhead – we’re about digital PLR.

This video explains it well:

Q: Who uses digital PLR?

A: Internet web-masters and bloggers, content managers, e-magazine editors, and marketers are all busy and need to find ways to save time and profit faster. Rather than out-source directly, they get better bargains with quality content that is already written for them.  They just edit or brand the contents some and use it as their own for all kinds of uses.  Go to the “free pdfs” menu to grab a list of 101 uses of PLR.

Ultimately, people purchase PLR for an income.  You’ve heard of people “flipping real estate” to make money, well there are many who “flip PLR content” to make money online with “virtual real estate”.  Some even flip domains or flip websites.

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