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Review the Best Sources of PLR Video.  Rebrand PLR Videos with Your URL and Affiliate Links to Boost Your Commissions!

Video is Hot! Internet marketers know that. But how do I make best use of video to increase traffic to my site and earn sales and commissions? Videos with resell rights are fine for sales, but private label videos can MULTIPLY your sales from each video resale. How? PLR Videos can be edited, rebranded, then sold with Resell Rights, meaning THOSE people who resell your videos are spreading around YOUR links to others, and when they buy the related products you promote within the video, your backend sales increase - all from the sale of one video!

Here's my Review of the top PLR video membership sites providing private label videos that you can download, edit, and/or resell for multiplied profits. Very few come with transferrable PLR (meaning you can pass on to someone else), but most allow you to resell your branded videos as well as give your customers resell rights.

Huge Selection of PLR and Resell Rights Videos
for $5 - 5 days only. July 11-16

The vault has new videos every month.

Past PLR Video Packs:
8 just launched Feb. 2009

Note: If you use videos for marketing (like posting on youtube to link back to your site),
then be sure to read the rights for each of the products below to see if you can post them.
Sometimes PLR Videos just aren't good enough for your needs.
In that case, you can either make your own videos to post, or outsource them.
What if you could easily & quickly convert PLR articles sitting on your hard drive into a video you could post with full rights? Now you can with this new Article2Video tool.

*If you're not sure what PLR is or how to evaluate what is good plr, see this free video.

5 Stars:

Worthy Mention:
VideoPLRMonthly provides tutorial-type videos you can edit and resell, but it didn't make this list only because they do not allow selling them with ANY rights. Go HERE.

Our #1 Pick

The pros: InstantPrivateLabelVideos provides top quality professionally made videos on hot internet marketing topics. Usually a 6-part video series (this would take you days to make!) Stephen Luc is a respected provider of source code videos to some top online marketers. Not only do you get videos with full rights to edit, change, sell; you also get well-written sales letter pages and great graphics. Rights? Many rights, including selling the products with basic non-transferable Private Label Rights. You can NOT sell them on auction sites (which is good for you), give them away for free (only as bonus), or claim copywrite, but this membership gives you the most flexibility for PLR videos out there, with an amazingly low price for the value. Tip: Lock in your low $47 monthly membership price before he changes his mind!

Cons: One downside to so many rights, is you have more competition among others selling the product. One other bummer to me is the themes are only internet marketing related. I'd love to see other niche themes.

Summary: If you want IM-themed PLR Videos to resell, this is THE Best and most recent one available.


5 Stars:

Our #2 Pick

MonthlyPrivateLabelVideos is a membership site with 40 videos a month! 20 good quality PLR videos & 20 Master/Resell-rights internet marketing videos that can easily be branded and edited.  They don't always make their goal of supplying 5 new PLR "how to" videos per week, but there are plenty!  They conveniently come in 3 formats - .avi, .flv, and Camtasia.   You can pass on non-transferrable resale rights to others, but not private label.

Pros: Incredible amount of videos for the low price of $47.  (Discount of $37 from this page only)  Great Bonuses, including a unique easy customizable branding tool for each one.  200 free plr videos just for joining for a limited time.

Cons: Limited to internet marketing related how-to videos


SocialTrafficNetwork PLR Videos

4 Stars:

Our #3 Pick

SocialTrafficNetwork is a new site offering quality PLR vids on the theme of Web2.0 traffic from social networking sites.  This membership site provides private label videos per month with rights mainly to resell, but not allowed to resell as PLR.  You get 25 videos immediately plus 3 new ones monthly.  Not many memberships left.

Pros: Professional quality and well done.  They come in flash and wmv.  The bonuses are very helpful - blog optin, squeeze page, and reports.

Cons:  Focused on the social-networking niche only.  Good if that's your focus.  

SuperQuickVideos PLR Videos

4 Stars:

Our #4 Pick

SuperQuickVideos for newbies are short, useful, to-the-point videos with full private label rights, but you can't sell them as PLR.  You get 40 PLR videos first month, plus 10 new ones monthly. 


* Top quality. Not too long, but adequate info
* Perfect for beginners or pros wanting to start a membership site.  Practically handed to you!  
Think if you charged $20 for 5 videos monthly to 50 people.  That's $1000 a month.  Way more than the steal you pay for it at only $47/month.
* Good that not just internet marketing niche. Also includes other computer/internet skills.

Cons: Can't resell them as PLR, but that can be good - your buyers can still sell your branded versions.  Still a limited theme, but good if it's your focus.


3 Stars:

Worthy Mention:
AffiliatePowerVideos: Videos are useful to pre-sell an affiliate product and build your list. Grab 5 free optin videos. The upgraded membership supplies you with pre-writting responder messages, & much more.

PLRweeklyVideos:  How about getting 40 private label videos per month!  Wow.  Most or all are in the IM or computer how-to niche, but worth a try.

Our #5 Pick

While UnselfishMarketer isn't really a PLR video site, I've been seeing at least 1 or 2 videos with private label or resell rights every month since July. Besides Videos, there is software, ebooks, audio, templates, graphics, etc. Truly a must-have membership for a steal of a price.  (Psst-Secret: They also have all the SQuickVideos mentioned above, but with RR or MRR)

Pros: Can't live online without it. Membership vault is absolutely huge. If you see a PLR video or other product you want, just ask him to buy it, & you might get it free in your members area, or for dirt cheap (depending on what rights he has). You won't find a larger resell rights vault for your money anywhere!

They are allowing too many people access to this site for my liking - giving me too many other promoters of the same products! But oh well, stats show most people end up just leaving them on their hard drives, so more for me ;-) Some items are seen many other places, but there are enough unique PLR plus it includes several other monthly memberships, including "unrestricted PLR articles", templates, etc. 

Plug-n-Play Videos  - Private Label Video Membership. 1 new PLR video weekly
Custom-made, ready-to-upload PLR Vids . Brand or edit them or just immediately
upload to video sharing sites.  General enough to use for different programs.

Sometimes PLR Videos just aren't good enough for your needs.
In that case, click here for custom-made videos.
Or make your own videos from articles.

>> Click HERE for your Free Affiliate-Branding Optin Videos

PLR Video on Many Niches.  These private label niche sites come with complete websites with VIDEO, audio, sales page, ebooks, graphics, autoresponder messages, etc.  
These are the 4 top sites with true PLR Website-Business-in-a-Box!

1.  NichesInABox   2. PLR-Software   3. TurboPLR    4. NicheEmpire

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Save your time with these other Private Label products you can edit or brand:

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