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So where are the best places to find Free PLR content?

Look for samples of top professional providers.

This enables you to test the quality before you invest. Here are some examples:
1) PLRDealer provides 20 free articles every month, along with 2 graphic headers, and an Adsense VRE site.

2) PLRme is offering a great sampling of their PLR in the self-development niche. Articles, wallpapers, etc.

3) Mike Steup has been providing private label rights for awhile. Did you know you can check out the PLR articles with a daily dose of them HERE. You can even now join one of his MONTHLY PLR memberships for FREE private label ebooks (monthly) with website to start selling.

4) Free trial of “BestQualityPLR.  I’m a monthly member of this fine site, but you can get each product individually as well without paying for a subscription.

5). Join HERE for a taste of the many articles provided at InfoGoRound. In this membership, if you just write and submit your own article for others to use per month, you get hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of PLR for free every month! It’s like exchange your original content for free access to tons of others’ content!  Or, you don’t have to write anything and just pay a monthly membership.  It also includes free ability to make instant niche sites and newsletters from that content!  Worth if for the software alone.

6) Get on these guys at EasyPLR mailing list – they often send out short special free PLR article bundles.

7) Some various PLR article bundles for free to give you a taste of AllPrivateLabelContent

*-* Free Eco-Friendly Green PLR Content!
*-* Free travel PLR a- 5 articles… NICE!
*-* Free Finance Article Bundle
*-* Free Health PLR Article Bundle
*-* Free Craft Bundle
*-* Free Marketing PLR Bundle
*-* Free Mom Bundle

Here are other sources of Free PLR articles

$1 Trials – These aren’t Free, but not to be missed!
1) Click HERE for $7,000 worth of PLR for a $1 trial. Great training inside also.
2) Grab these quality search-engine optimized LSI PLR articles for 7 days for just $1

Free PLR or Rebrandable Software

1. Excellent private label software to rebrand and resell. You won’t believe it’s free.

2. SoftwareGoldClub offers free software. Helps you build your list.

This list will grow as new resources are discovered. Some resources and special deals are not open long enough to put on this blog (only to lead to expired links). (note: My subscribers only receive extra secret sources of free PLR samples like this: 3 Ebooks per month with Audio versions, teaser e-books, 20 articles per topic, website graphics, auto-responder series and sales letter.) So I’d suggest you get on my new “BestPLR Buzz” list and receive fresh updated sources of PLR (you also get an awesome ebook as a bonus).

To subscribe and receive the earliest alerts, go HERE.

Enjoy your free plr.
Download this free pdf and learn 20 ways to profit with PLR.

Free Green PLRClick for Free PLR Green content

Free Travel PLR

Free Craft PLR Bundle

For great sources of premium private label articles, see my review of PLR.

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social media plr

Social Media PLR with Promo Code

This great deal expires Feb. 24.

DIY PLR is a great provider of private label rights articles and charts.

They put together a brand new 5-pack of slide shows about Facebook for business, LinkedIn for business, Twitter tips, and Google + tips.  Some of it looks a little simple, but it will save lots of time for any offline-business needing PLR educational and marketing material to get new clients.

The slide shows include:

* Introduction to Social Media (24 slides)
* Facebook (21 slides)
* Twitter (19 slides)
* LinkedIn (20 slides)
* Google+ (19 slides)

…for a total of 103 slides. You can see all the details
and get sneak peeks at DIY PLR:

As our valued customer and subscriber, we’re passing on a
40% of Early Bird Coupon that entitles you to $8 off the
regular price, as long as you pick up the bundle by this

Use this coupon code on checkout:

Coupon Code:  socialslide
Discount: 40% off / $8 off
Expiry: Friday, February 24, 2011

Turn these into videos, share them online as slide shows or
use them for webinars and live presentations. Add your logo,
product promotion or monetize however you’d like. I do hope
you’ll find these helpful.


PS:  On the same site, you can get Email Marketing tips and slide shows PLR.

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social media plr

Be the first to brand and offer these original tools – windows-based software with private label rights.

Software is one of the most downloaded and sold items online.  Boost your mailing list and profits by offering useful tools to your visitors or subscribers.  Here are some PLR software memberships you may find useful for yourself, as well as re-brand and resell for 100% of the profits.

PLRcodemine – The author who made the software himself, refers to “selling tools to gold-diggers”.  Gold miners often made less money than the shops that sold shovels, tents, and jeans to them.  That’s the idea of selling time-saving tools to those marketing online.  You get everything you need to have your own online software business.  Every month you get a new product with sourcecode and editing rights, a complete sales letter with promo video, and full PSD files to edit the graphics.

SoftwarePLRmonthly – At least one software every month, produced by Tim Carter himself, a computer programmer and systems analyst.  So unlike some other PLR software memberships, you will get support.  There is no rehashed stuff from other sources, just original.  Most of it is windows-based.  “Software created will be a “Tool Type” software that will allow you to build sites, build your subscriber list, assist you with affiliate marketing and everything else that allows you to make MONEY online”.  See their site for sample products.

Software Gold Club –  I had this membership before and used a lot of the software myself.  Many of them are useful tools for internet marketers and bloggers, especially WordPress plugins and website scripts.  To be honest, I found them hard to sell because of their strict minimum price policy.  I would have paid the minimum price on some of their software, but I never would have paid asking price for lots of them.  If you get lots of traffic and have a huge list, then it could be well worth it to you.

Butterfly Marketing Membership Software – This you can’t sell, but you can use it as you wish for viral membership sites complete with the ability to have affiliates.  This comes with source code rights with option to have full support.  This was originally sold for over $1000 when Mike Filsaime first introduced it, now you can download it free.  Incredible value.


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Reviews and Comparison Charts for Popular Products, with private label rights.

Here’s a new amazing time-saving resource (October 2011).  Who is it for?  Well, anyone who needs fresh, useful niche blog content.

  • Those who have monetized blogs about popular electronic products
  • Those who need quality charts on their Amazon or product sites
  • Those who want to build their list by offering reports
  • Those who have a list and want to make recommendations
This would take you hours to figure out yourself and put together.  It’s just in time to start promoting for the giving season and those searching for gift ideas.
(Checkout DIYplr’s other seasonal PLR for Halloween and Thanksgiving)
For those who act before October 20, you get the PLR digital entertainment comparison charts for half price, so it’s a bargain right now.
As for rights, you can use them on your OWN sites, make reports for end users, etc,, but you cannot pass on PLR rights to anyone.
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I was fortunate to get into this membership when Justin was allowing some early-bird members for a low price.  Now the amount of value in this awesome membership collection is huge and growing.  His team goes to great effort to ensure highest quality articles, reports, and the graphics to go with them.  They make excellent list-building tools – whether you market online or offline – for yourself or for clients.  There are also great resources for those who are providing web services for offline clients who want to go online.  Imagine having pro-looking ready-made material for presentations like, “21 ways from offline to online” and an article pack on social marketing for offline business.

They have a good mix of products, so not only IM-related topics, but other big niches like PLR content that accelerates you to “brand yourself a weight-loss expert” and awesome 10 reports on the top 10 diets of all time.  Their products can be bought individually, or as a monthly member – platinum members get access to ALL the content, gold gets a good amount.

The only reason this didn’t get the highest rating is because “resell rights” is one of the criteria for those wanting to resell PLR or resell rights.  Most of the products only have rights for you to resell as a non-transferrable product.  That isn’t a bad thing – less saturation for us!.  It’s only a negative if you are looking to offer other people rights to resell.

Check out the quality graphics and PLR membership at BestQualityPLR.   Or try it 6 days for free.

Some testimonials:

The value of this membership is waaaaaay more than the actual cost.
These products are extremely quality, and each individual product is worth at least triple the price of the monthly membership fees. (But don’t tell Justin! )

I really do not understand how you can produce such quality at this price. This is worth many times what your asking. I almost didn’t want to write this because once you find someone who gives out such value it’s tempting to keep it under your hat.
Andy Beveridge

This is their guarantee:

Our guarantee to our members: As a valued subscriber to our membership program, our guarantee is that we will ALWAYS deliver fresh, new PLR content every month where the value of the products released will ALWAYS exceed the amount of money you pay as a monthly subscriber.

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Below is a decent free report on how to make decent money with private label rights content.  Don’t be put off by the huge amount exxagerated, it still contains good tips on using PLR.  The free PLR is good for offering free information products to build your list.

Private Label Rights

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New Limited Time Private Label Videos

Edmund Loh and Stephen Luc are at it again, pumping out more original videos on sellable topics.  Stephen has been making quality videos with PLR since 2006 and he’s the guy who makes the popular InstantPrivateLabelVideos.  Edmund has had mostly satisfied customers since before that time even.

Based on previous purchases I’ve made from them, I know this will be quality stuff.

Secret Consulting Riches PLR

Launches 17th February @ 8:00AM EST
Ends When 100 Copies Are Sold Out

SourceCodeGoldMine 11 is live.

This offer truly ends, no gimmicks.  If you’re looking for PLR to “business in a box” type software and ebooks, this is for you.  Even if you don’t use all of them, you can easily get back your investment in no time from just one of the 10 products in the bundle.  I’ve bought Jeremy Burn’s stuff before, and they are definitely worth investing in.  I was a member of his great PLR articles site here.

Grab Private Label Rights To 10 Hot New Products –
Source Code Gold Mine!

==>10 Products You Can Sell As Your Own
==>They Include Full Web sites
==>Full Sets Of Graphics
==>Full support to you and your customers

“They Are Selling Out Fast!”
Source Code Gold Mine v11

While on the topic of business in a box, original author Julie Stone has some great Christmas PLR at her NicheMembershipPro. Julie has high quality professional graphics with all her stuff. See her top-notch PrivateLabelContent membership.

If you want a great PLR business in a box site about blogging, Julie also is the author of CreativeNicheGraphics – complete with squeeze pages, blog templates, etc. Check it out. Tell me what you think.

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The articles are personally requested and checked by the sellers and they sell fast because they are limited and are quality.  No graphics.  Articles are limited to set amount of people, and there are some packets and memberships that have full resell rights.

They have monthly PLR articles, and packages by theme or niche.

WARNING – Not all Private Label Rights are great.

I Researched, Bought, Evaluated and Reviewed PLR Content Sites.
Your Benefit?:
Save Time
and hassles.
Save money by sorting out the junk from the treasure

Welcome to – your hub to read and write reviews on private label rights products online that you can edit and rebrand as your own.

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